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I know what you are thinking: Is it a big hassle to follow this course, do I have to give personal information before I can start, do I have to give my bank details when signing up…?

The answer to all this is simple: it’s no hassle at all!
You can sign up anytime with just your name and email address, that is all we need.
After you signed up you can order the course you want, but of course, you don’t ‘have to’ order a course. You can just browse the complete website as you see fit.

When you order a course you just pay one time only without us haveing to hold your bank details. You just pay with Paypal or a credit card as you normally do on any other website.
Once you have paid, you have life-long access to the course.
You can take as long as you like to follow the course and repeat any video as often as you want.

Signed-up or not, you can always contact me via the website or directly via email at info@pascalzrour.com for any questions you have.

If you have an account and bought a course, you can go into your course area, and there you will find the course. Inside this area you also have the access to the downloadable material, all in pdf format. If you don’t have a pdf reader, you can download it for free.

If you are a beginner and wander if this online course will work for you, I can tell you that you will at least learn the basics of drumming. You will learn what to do before you even attempt to play the drum set with all the parts that it has. You will know what all the parts are for and what they are called. Even if you don’t have a drum set yet, with just the drum sticks, you will learn the most important part of drumming… and that is stick technique!

Just think of any (other) sport that you know. Nobody is going to attempt to run a marathon or do pole fault jumping without any preparation or education of the techniques used. You need to stretch and warm up, and slowly build up your stamina. It doesn’t matter if it’s drumming or running the 100 meters.

Pascal Zrour

I started playing the drums at 12 years old during my first drum lesson. Since then I have learned to play the guitar, wrote songs and recorded a CD with the band STREAM in my recording studio. As of 2023, I have 44 years of drumming and 8 years of teaching experience.