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Improve your drumming in 2 minutes

Stop doing what everybody else is doing wrong. Apply this simple technique and improve your drumming right now.

Stop speeding up your fills

Drummers, especially beginning drummers, speed up when playing a fill.
I developed a way to check yourself in the case of not having a metronome or don’t feel like setting it up.
I have also the perfect self-check system for playing the jazz rhythm and the shuffle.
I explain these in my online course that you can find on this website.

The missing rudiment

This rudiment is never taught by any teacher but is one of the most important rudiments to learn early on in your drum career.

Improve your bass drum pedal technique

By being fluent in both types of bass drum techniques, you can use them whenever you need them.
You can also learn to gradually change over from one technique into the other.
This will give you more dexterity on the drums.

The paradiddle challenge

A 2-minute explanation about how to approach a difficult sequence or pattern.
By breaking this paradiddle down into parts you can discover what is going on exactly.
By knowing what is going on you can practice these types of things in a better and faster way

Don't imitate, Innovate!

Here are some building blocks you can use to come up with your own unique stuff.

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Still not convinced?

You can practice drumming even without a drum set. Just slapping your hands on your knees will do the trick. Moving your hands and feet in a coordinated way is the basis of types of drumming. In a visualized way I will show you how to coordinate your movements so that drumming will become easy. Not just for the beginner, if you are playing already, you will become a rock-solid drummer.