digital drum book

What will you get?

You will get a beautifully designed pdf.
The layout is in spreads for easy reading.
When you are logged in, you can download the pdf by clicking on the link inside the first lesson.

Can you learn to play the drums from a book?

This book has a step-by-step structure to understand how the drums work and how to play.
It has lots of pictures to show you how to hold the sticks and use your feet on the pedals.
It is also rich in content about the history of the drum set.

From A to Z this book gives you all the steps you need to start drumming.
Learn the right techniques and step-by-step exercises.
Along the way, you will be able to read sheet music.
All the building blocks you need to become a superb drummer.
This book holds 108 pages,
has 228 exercises,
and 55 chapters!


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  • 8h Duration
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Start drumming now - digital book
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  1. Start drumming now - digital book
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